Sayaka Nakaya Graduating From AKB48

AKB48's member Sayaka Nakaya announced today that she will be graduating from the group to pursue her career as an anime voice actress. Her last performance will be on March 6th 2013 with her current Team K team. I wonder what role Sayaka is going for and I would love to see what she could do in the anime world. Here is the official statement from Sayaka blog (

"I'll let ...'ve announced today, March 02, at the concert , I graduated from AKB48 Sayaka Nakaya with performances on March 6. I will get with the announcement of the sudden, I'm really sorry. Then let me ranked in the general election ... No, I was thinking graduation from earlier. But, it's fun and your members can work. Be happy to watch the smile for everyone. I honestly graces this environment. But I was able to meet event that can be decided finally. It is a favorite anime voice actor audition. I have already started. There is no guarantee that the pass. But that's because it really wanted to do. I wanted to do to hit throw a rich environment of this now. In addition, I also quit the office to which they belong now Mousa well as AKB48. Because the one who does not belong to the production in terms of the voice actor audition, I decided. I'm sorry I have become a sudden announcement. It is really starting from scratch. I think it may have come from the gun barrel until now. In the future, thank you for your support of Sayaka Nakaya??" 
Sayaka Nakaya