Katsucon 19 x Lolita

February was a SUPER short & SUPER busy month! I've been able to attend Katsucon, co-host a Lolita meet-up, and cover a Lolita fashion show. Not to mention one of my kawaii and ruffly friends was surprised with an official engagement proposal from her beau!

Here's a quick overview of what Lolitas were like at Katsucon (from the meet-up to the fashion show), and I mean we were full blast! 

Check out Nikkia Redd for more Lolita photos from Katsucon 19.
For cosplay/ fandom photos and see what happened around the floor, visit Katsucon Tumblr.

Of course, no Katsucon would be complete without showing a bit of love!
**Congratulations to friends Monica & Tom on their engagement**


More J-fashion blog posts & Little Lolita Moments coming for March/ April. So please stay tuned!
~je t'adore!