Five Amazing Female Characters In Videogames

If there is one thing I love in any form of media is a strong essential female character, whether it's an protagonist, antagonist or supporting. There is something about a female character that has an underdog feel. Today I wanted to list five amazing female characters that I personally love in videogames that are truly amazing.

1. Lara Croft

Lara Croft is such an amazing character especially in her new reboot. Not to spoil the game but what I like about this new Lara is that they focus on developing who she is. She is not the strong bad ass that we saw back in the Playstation one era. This Lara is vulnerable, insecure of her abilities and really has to go through this situation in order to mode herself to the Lara we know. Think of it as Croft begins and this new game is a great character study on Lara Croft persona. Fans will enjoy the strength, the never give up attitude and compassion that Lara Croft brings. May I mention another great bonus she has a taste for adventure.

2. Ada Wong 

Ada Wong is amazing and compelling character because she is such a mystery. With three games under her belt, a couple of cameos and a movie with Leon in Degeneration, not much is still known about Ms. Wong. This is what makes her so fascinating we only get glimpse of her motives, her desires and a little of her origin. However we really don't know that much about her. We know that she has a on and off feelings for Leon but the questions still remains for Ada. Where is she from? How did she become a spy? What is her plan? Questions fans are dying to see but might not get till the final curtain of the series. One more thing I love about Ada's character is she reminds me of the old femme fatale characters I use to watch in classic movies. She is seductive, intelligent and at the same time very deadly. I guess Leon has found his Selina Kyle.

3. Lightning 

Remember that onion theory Shrek said in his first movie about Ogres and how they have layers. When I was first introduce to Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII I immediately refer to Shrek's explanation. Lightning when we first meet her is cold, very driven with a goal in mind. She pulls no punches and some would viewed as heartless, but as the game progresses and you get more of her background story. You see that beneath all that tough exterior there is something driving this woman, there are reasons of why she is the way she is and you start to feel for her. You keep playing and you want her to accomplish that goal and her missions because you understand her now. I love how she grows on you with time to become one of the fan favorite females in Final Fantasy. Another mention is she's an amazing fighter and has such amazing will power to just keep going it's really fun to be in Lightning's world.

4. Elena Fisher

Elena Fisher is strong, determined, brave and very witty. She plays the supportive role in the Uncharted games, but don't let the innocent look fool you. Elena is tenacious and very empowering. What I like about Elena in the Uncharted series is her if you can do it I can do it attitude. She is Drake's equal and is not afraid to go into the fire of danger. She is independent she doesn't really need Drake like some of the other characters. Elena can hold on her and she is also a wonderful love interest. Watching her interactions with Drake is always a blast, sometimes it can be serious, funny or just plain charming. Elena Fisher is one empowering independent character that I truly have enjoyed see progress.

5. Tifa Lockheart

Tifa Lockheart is the Final Fantasy VII sweetheart. Depending how you played you made her your love interest and I sure did for mine. What makes Tifa amazing is her spirit, she is the motivator of the group and you always need that person to cheer you on. She cheered up Cloud, Barrett, Red XIII and many more she makes you feel that things are going to be okay. She is strong minded, loyal and very compassionate for the people she cares about. She also is very vulnerable when it comes to Cloud, just like Lightning there is more too Tifa when you pull back the layers, and you see a girl who has a painful past, a broken heart but manages to look on the light of things and say things will be okay.

Let us know who are some of your favorite amazing female characters in Videogames in the comment section.