Dave Bautista to play Drax the Destroyer

Hey Otakus and Geeks fans, here is some news abouts the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Dave Bautista will play Drax The Destroyer in the upcoming Marvel movie. He certainly has the physique to play the character. He also  beat out Isaiah Mustafa, Patrick Wade and Jason Momoa for the part.

 Drax has had a bit of a convoluted history. However, his origin is tied in with Thanos who was seen at the end of The Avengers. Thanos killed a human called Arthur Douglas whose spirit was then placed in a powerful new body, Drax the Destroyer, and sent out to kill Thanos. He used to be able to fly and fire cosmic blasts, but the current incarnation of the character has super strenght, resilience and is an incredible fighter. 

Guardians of the Galaxy is due out in August 2014.