What We Would Like To See From 2K's WWE Game

If you haven't heard or been keeping up with recent news. Take Two the parent company of 2K Sports has recently acquired the gaming license from THQ for WWE games. This is a very exciting news personally for a guy who is a fan of 2K Sports games and WWE. There is rumors that Yukes the company that developed the game might still be hired to work on the game. This is good news as well, but I'm hoping for a whole new  team and a fresh take on the WWE franchise. I have complied a list of what we would like to see from WWE 2K (the title we gave it).

My Wrestler Mode - This is an obvious dream for WWE fans. This is something WWE Day Of Reckoning had concept wise in they create of wrestler story mode, when you took your create a wrestler guy and started from the bottom and rises to the top. However with the new technology and in depth style that 2K brings to My Player Mode for NBA 2K, imagine that for the WWE. My pitch for My Wrestler Mode will be something like this. First you create your wrestler, then like NBA 2K 11 you will go through five games in this case five matches and depending how you do in those five matches, you will either be signed with a deal to start off with dark matches or get sent to the WWE development OVW. When you have proven yourself in the ring you are promoted to T.V. where you're given an option to whether you want to be a singles type of wrestler or have a tag team. Feuds will be set for you in the beginning, but as you prove yourself and rise to superstar status, promo's will be cut by choices like the after game interviews in NBA 2K. You will then have access backstage to engage superstars, pitch championship deals with Vince and start your own stable if you want. The idea is to give you a feel of what it's like to be a WWE Superstar. One thing I would like to see is the attributes be earned by either the match or buy hitting the gym. If your a cruiserweight your focus should be focus on speed and agility, super heavyweights should be strength and power so they will hit the weights a little more. This will be a great addition for mini games and it will give a pure authentic feel of what it's like to be a wrestler. Depending on your contract when you sign you agree to re-sign with the WWE for more money or choose not to sign, which will end your contract and you will be able to start a new wrestler. The My Wrestler Mode would have so many possibilities and I just scratch the surface of what can be done. One more thing endorsements will happen like staring in WWE film movies.

Proper Movesets - I can't tell you how annoying it is to go into a non created wrestler and change some moves around because the wrestler never did those moves. Not every wrestler does a submission hold, not ever wrestler is a high flyer. I shouldn't have edit the regular rosters moveset and make it accurate as possible. Each wrestler has their own style and it's time that the game reflects that. Big Show barely goes on the top ropes, so why give him any top rope moves? The moves should be decided to what the wrestler does in the ring.

Free Roster Updates - I can't tell you how much I hate buying roster updates for WWE games. Especially when the wrestler was already on the disc. I think that is a cheap move and it should be stop. Hopefully if Take Two/ 2K decides to update the roster that it will be free of charge.

Better Commentary and Presentation - One thing 2K does very well is making sure the commentary and presentation is phenomenal. The past WWE games commentary have been the same lines over and over and sometimes doesn't even relate to action. We want commentary to stay on topic, to describe what's going on in the ring and in the storyline. The graphics will need a update as well as the look now is getting stale and old.

GM Mode/ Universe Mode - I love the GM mode in Smackdown vs Raw and I like the concept of Universe mode in WWE 13. I would like to see these elements improved and expanded upon to give us a taste of the business side of what it's like to be Vince McMahon or one of the people behind the scenes of WWE. GM Mode you can be behind the scenes and Universe mode you control the wrestlers.

These are some of the things we like to see, what ideas do you have for the next WWE game. Leave a comment below.