Hey moms! Have you ever felt lost in this video game world that our children live in today? You try to understand your kids and what games they play but you yourself don't even know any of the games that are out there? Well this is Gamer Mama here to tell you its OK I got your back!!! I will help you to learn what games are actually appropriates for you tikes and teens.

First off lets start with an oldie but goodie from Japan rated E. (2007)

Basic story line: Your a really small alien prince who goes to Earth collecting or "stealing" things that get rolled into a ball to bring back to your home planet Uranus. You start off the game watching your dad play tennis hitting the ball hard enough to go into space and make this black hole, which sucks everything out of Uranus. He then tells you to go to Earth where your adventure begins.

This game has the easiest controls, the concept is easy to grasp and it really is fun for everyone. The moral of this game is literally just roll a ball, collect stuff, possibly some random family members, and grow your ball from 1 cm to 1 meter in 1 minute or more to restore the things that the black hole sucked out.

I personally rated this game :F for FUN FOR ALL.