What We Would Like To See In Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposedly the final chapter in the epic saga of Kingdom Hearts. If this is truly the last journey for Sora and the gang, then there are a couple of worlds, characters and things we want to see happen before the story closes. Here is our list.

Final Fantasy Worlds

There are tons of worlds that we would love to see in Kingdom Hearts 3. The Disney worlds have so many choices, but what we would also like to see is worlds from Final Fantasy. Where are the Final Fantasy worlds? I would love to visit the Final Fantasy VII, X, IX and even XIII universe in Kingdom Hearts 3. It doesn't have to be the entire world but at least a city, a town or a section of an island. Give us something it's Square Enix game just as much as it is Disney's.

Toy Story

Toy Story is probably the most requested world that fans want to see in Kingdom Hearts. This would be one hell of a level to play through, and with three great story arcs to choose from this might be the most memorable world of them all if done correctly. Imagine going through arcade wearing a plastic cup, or saving Buzz from Sid, or even trying to reach grown up Andy. It will be one hell of way to end Kingdom Hearts and   it would be better if they can get the cast to lend they voices. Here's hoping Disney can use they power to get it done.


The Ducktales characters have made cameo's in most of the Kingdom Hearts games. Whether it was Hewey, Dewey and Lewey, Scrooge McDuck or the Beagle Boys they have had played a role in Sora's journey. I think it's time for us to visit the world of Ducktales and have some grand adventures, even if it's just a minor world like Winnie The Pooh. Ducktales could be a great side mission world where we collect items for a secret ending or ultimate weapon.

The Aristocats

This would be another side mission world where I can see it being heavily based on music. Kind of like Ariel in Kingdom Hearts 2. This was Ashley's pick and I agree this would be a nice world to visit.


This world is a must have in Kingdom Hearts 3. How could you ignore one of the most popular Disney cartoons of the 90's? I think it could really fit the tone of the upcoming Keyblade war and play a role in what will happen next, however the setting might need to change since having New York might take some gamers out of the world that Kingdom Hearts have establish.

Marvel and Star Wars 

"There are many worlds, but all share the same sky, one destiny." - Kairi.  Now that Disney has Star Wars and Marvel many would love to see them appear in Kingdom Hearts. Since there are many worlds I would like to see this done only if it's done right, doesn't overshadow the core story of the game and it makes sense to the plot, otherwise keep them out of it.


The summons in Kingdom Hearts haven't been as useful like in other RPG's. In fact I beat both games without even touching them. It will be nice to see the summons used more and being helpful especially if a new Keyblade war is coming. I think it's time we summons from Final Fantasy instead of Disney summons, how about the GF's from Final Fantasy VIII.

New Utada Theme Song

It's the final game and it's time for my favorite Japanese singer to give us one more epic theme for Kingdom Hearts. Simple and Clean was beautiful and emotional, Sanctuary was epic, and the final theme should have a mix of both epic and emotional. I'm dying for new music from Utada.

Kairi and Sora Finally Become a Couple

Kairi and Sora are older now and it's time for those two finally to kiss, or confess they love for each other. We already know they care for each other, but it's time to make it official. 

More Playable Characters
I want to be able to use Mickey, Axel, Kairi and all the warriors of light at some point in this game. I think since this will be the final one, gives more characters to use.