TRON Uprising Soundtrack Review

If you don't know by now I love the TRON universe. I' am a TRON geek. I love both movies, the soundtrack, the games and the comic that tied the movie together. When the opportunity came to review the soundtrack for the television series "TRON: Uprising" it was a no brainier.  Is the soundtrack as good as TRON Legacy?

If you're one of the Daft Punk purist that can't listen to anyone else doing TRON music you can relax. Composer Joseph Trapanese has done the soundtrack justice. The soundtrack stays true to the groundwork that was laid down by Daft Punk and Trapanese. Trapanese takes the ball and makes it his own. The soundtrack not only expands on key themes from TRON Legacy like Clu, The Grid, Fall and many more, but Trapanese puts his own little touch on the soundtrack. Trapanese has put out a soundtrack worthy of the TRON name. With more of his orchestral skills setting in the music this time around, we get a soundtrack that can be describe as dark, rebellious and definitely epic. 

The opening theme "Beck's Theme" is a combination of themes from TRON Legacy with a twist from The Grid, Clu and others and it really sets the tone for this dark, intense, but powerful world that is TRON Uprising. Almost every track you will hear a little bit of TRON Legacy music. This isn't a bad thing at all. I like to think of it as an expansion on the already established themes. However Trapanese does gives us enough original tracks to give TRON Uprising it's own identity. Songs like Lux's Sacrifice, Price Of Power, TRON's Promise are powerful, intense and emotionally invested songs and it's worthy of mentioning. Trapanese orchestral approach was a welcome addition. TRON Legacy did have orchestra tracks, but this whole album is orchestra and makes it feel more like a movie than an actual television show. The use of drums, strings and even a choir will immerse you into the world even more. Trust me you will be playing some of these tracks during your videogame time. 

Tracks that you must listen too:

Beck's Theme - A different take on themes from TRON Legacy such as The Grid, Clu and many more. It reminds you a lot of TRON Legacy but still keeps gives a sense of who Beck character is.

Lux's Sacrifice - One of my favorite songs on the album. This one the strings take over the track, add a choir at the end makes this one of the most emotional tracks on the album.

Compressed Space - A very Daft Punk like track with an orchestrated touch. The ending minute of the track is epic and gives you a sense of victory or alluding to a battle ahead.

Final Thoughts - TRON Uprising is a must get for TRON fans and people who love OST from movies/television. The soundtrack plays it safe but gives you enough to give it's own identity. The tracks can feel dark, intense and emotional which all relates to the darker tone world of TRON Uprising. If Daft Punk don't return for TRON 3 I think we know who we can go too for the soundtrack.

Tracklist & Rating
Beck's Theme - Lightbike Battle (5/5)
Tesler Throwdown (4.5/5)
Paige's Past (4.5/5)
Lux's Sacrifice (5/5)
Price Of Power (5/5)
Rescuing The Rebellion (4.5)
Dyson Drops In (4.5/5)
TRON's Promise (5/5)
TRON's Turn (4.5/5)
Beck Betrayed (4.5/5)
Torture (4.5/5)
Revenge (5/5)
Redemption (5/5)
Goodbye Renegade (5/5)
Compressed Space (5/5)
Renegade's Pledge (5/5)
Lightbike Battle (3OH!3 Remix) (4.5/5)
Inferno (Opiuo Remix) (3.5/5)
Dyson (David Hiller Remix (4.0/5)
Cole Plante (3.5/5)

Final Rating - 4.5/5 - AWESOME!!!