Orseshura To Stream On Crunchyroll Starting January 5th

Aniplex of America announces the new anime series Oreshura will be streaming on Crunchyroll. This brand new animated high school romance show is produced by A-1 Pictures, the same studio who also produced the fan favorite Sword Art Online and Blue Exorcist. This series is also directed by Kanta Kamei, who also directed the series Bunny Drop. A couple hours after its broadcast in Japan, Oreshura will be available for streaming in the following territories: U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The 1st
episode will premiere at 9:00am PST on Saturday, January 5th for Crunchyroll premium members. Free 
members will be able to view Oreshura one week after initial broadcast on Crunchyroll (www.crunchyroll.com/oreshura). 

A synopsis of Oreshura: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru – or ORESHURA for short 
– is an adaptation of a Japanese light novel.
“The protagonist, Eita Kidou, is a high school freshman with excellent grades and a disdain for love. He 
used to live a regular school life with his childhood friend, Chiwa Harusaki, a girl who's nearly a sister 
to him, but then one day the school's most beautiful girl, Masuzu Natsukawa, confesses to him. 
However, her true desire is only to fool the eyes of others and pretend to be a couple. With a certain 
secret of his in Masuzu's hands, Eita is forced to play along… But a fierce battle over Eita begins as his ex-girlfriend, Himeka, and his fiancé, Ai, join the fray!!” More information about  Oreshura can be 
found at: www.AniplexUSA.com/oreshura