Movie 43 Review

Movie 43 is a comedy that stars and all star cast of some of Hollywood's best today. The tagline to promote the movie reads "The most outrageous comedy you will ever see, the biggest cast ever assemble." Does this movie hold up to that promise? 

Story - Okay for me to say that Movie 43 has a story that follows the overall standard rules of story like a beginning, middle, ending, character development, themes, plot, sub plots you would call me a liar. This movie has no real basic story. If there is any story in this movie it's that Dennis Quaid character is a down on his luck screenwriter who is looking to pitch a movie he wrote. This movie is the basis of a series of comedy sketches that will be a hit or miss. The problem with this movie is the fact that it has no sense of story structure, it's just one interchangeable joke to another joke which has no connection what so ever to each other.  Having Hugh Jackman character have a disability on his neck was funny for the first minute, then the joke ran too long and the sketch fails. That is one of the big problems with the movie, when the joke is working it doesn't know when to end. The jokes are a hit and miss, most of them are a miss. The best sketches are Halle Berry's (Truth Or Dare), Terrence Howard (Victory's Glory), Seth Macfarlane (The Pitch)and Sean William Scott (Pot Of Gold). Other than these four sketches the movie is not funny at all. The jokes are awkward downright immature that only a child will laugh hard at it. The homeschooling sketch is a fail and really awkward especially with an incest kiss. The children machine rubbed the audience the wrong way. I have no idea why the writers would think child labor was funny. The Batman and Robin speed dating was working, but it ran way too long and it took you out of it. The first period sketch gave you a little bit of a laughs, however it got silly. The worst of the worst sketches was Anna Ferris (The Proposition) and Elizabeth Banks (Beezel) I won't spoil it for you but it just took a joke and kept hitting you over the head with it, like hey this funny, laugh at it and it really wasn't.

Acting - The acting has some of the most talented people in Hollywood right now. The problem is they have nothing to really do. This movie might have been better with comedic actors, or some upcoming actors who are trying to make a name for themselves. Maybe comedic actors could have made the movie more funny by the use of improvisation, because the mega stars just didn't really make you laugh with the performances. Even the outtakes wasn't funny.  

Music & Film-Making - The music is nothing memorable and there is barely a score for you to check out an OST. The film itself looks good for a comedy film. The set pieces, camera angels do they job, but some effects like Beezel could have been done way better and would have better if it was a CGI cat instead of a drawing.

Final Thoughts - Movie 43 is disappointing. It could have truly been one of the funniest movies of this year if it had better writing, a story, and less immaturity and more smart comedy. These talented actors talents are wasted on silly joke gags that only last for only thirty seconds. If it had more comedic actors and better assemble cast this movie would have been worth considering, but this one you should wait till it hits Netflix.

Final Rating