AMV Contest - Free For All!!!

As previous stated on It's An Otaku Thing Episode 3, our next contest will be an AMV contest. First place winners will win an anime box set of they choice with a limit of 100 dollars and a bonus DVD Box set that I personally chose.You don't necessarily have to get a box set, if you want you get four anime DVD's that are equal to 20 dollars each and that will be your prize. Second place winners will win a figurine and third place winners get to choose whether to have XBox, PS3, or Wii U points. The rules are simple.


1. Any genre of anime can be used with the exception of Hentai. Hentai is prohibited and if the AMV contains this, you will automatically be disqualified. Its a free for all so any type of anime will do in any type of category like drama, tragicomedy (tragedy and comedy together) etc.

2. Absolutely do not take videos that are not yours and pass it off as your own. If we find out that the video was stolen, you will be disqualified. It is called respect and people deserve it. If you must, make a new video or pick a video from your own "arsenal" that nobody has seen. Kind of like a secret project. ;)

3. The AMV's length is a maximum of ten minutes, the minimum is 3 minutes. But the video can not be over ten minutes long.

4. The contest is for people 13+. The reason that is because the DVD of my choice is (just about) TV MA and I do not want anybody under the age limit to get it.

5. Most importantly have fun. Show who you are during this process of making the video. Be creative and just be yourself.

6. One entry per person!

The contest will end on February 14th at 8:00pm. To submit click the green envelope on the main screen and email us from there your link to your AMV or a download link where we can watch it. Or send it to us from our Twitter, Facebook or Youtube page. Please make sure that you have the title O&G AMV Contest before the video so we know that the video is 100% yours and it is for the contest, not the site.We will announce the winner in due time so please be patient. Don't worry, you will know before the end of the month of February. Any questions or concerns email us at I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with and good luck!!!!!!!! Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!

Grand Prize
1. Anime Box Set Of Your Choice or Anime DVD's adding up to 100 dollars. Plus a box set of my choosing.

Runner Up
2. Will receive the Wonder Woman Kotobukiya Statue

Last Place Prize
Xbox 360, PSN or Wii U Points (Your choice)