International Superheroes (Australia)

It's time to travel the world with us again and see superheroes from around the globe. This time we travel to Australia to see what superheroes they have to offer up, and it's really some pretty interesting stuff.

The Wraith

The Wraith is created by Frank Dirscherl for Trinity Comics. It tells the story of former cop Michael Reeve a detective in Metro City. He is one of the few cops that believes of a tale of a vigilante called The Wraith. The Wraith defend the city from evil for a while. Then one day fate enters Michael life and he is force to take up the mantle. He fakes his death and takes the identity of the predecessor to become Paul Sanderson. The Wraith can emit energy which light up his eyes, this gives damage to his enemies to feel the same pain they gave their victims. He also a great detective, physically fit and good with science.


Death is from a comic called Winter City. It tells the story of Sam Winters who has had a very horrible childhood, from abuse to psychological issues. However Sam is out for one thing and that is vengeance after losing a life he built for himself. He is relentless, and can be more of an anti-hero vigilante  He is very skilled in combat.

Natasha X

Natasha lost her parents at the hands of the evil Professor Tango. She wears a time belt to travel back in time to fight crime. She has a sidekick Doggy X who helps her in missions sometimes. She tends to be a little narcissistic when it comes to her abilities.


Erik Neptune has always wanted to live up to his father's memory and take on the mantle of the superhero Helm. When his technology based powers begin to return he believes he will finally have that chance. Until Shard Industries is attacked by the Data Pirates, the Everyman Council make their move and the Fluctuations Electric set an even bigger game in motion