Album Review: "Lemuria" By Gary Samurai

One thing we love to do at Otakus and Geeks is to showcase geeks who do music. This time I have another album review from a geek who does music. You seen him as a feature for geeks who do music and this time he has his first album "Lemuria." Is it worth checking it out?

The first thing you will notice about "Lemuria" is the wonderful album concept. The song titles such as Underwater, Mermaid, Ocean Floor and many more tell a story, emotion or theme for the concept the album. The concept is a man going deeper into this world called "Lemuria." With each song the artist goes deeper into a world, telling a story or examining social commentary. It also can be also be a metaphor from Gary Samurai as well, to give the audience a deeper look into his world, life and views.

"Lemuria" is not just another Hip-Hop album but it's an experience. The production is to thank for that. It does a great job because it actually fits the concept of the album. Almost every beat on "Lemuria" sounds like a soundtrack from the ocean which allows you to visualize the world Gary Samurai is creating with his lyrics. A clear example of this is the third track "Mermaid." The production sounds like a sample from "Final Fantasy VII" song "Lifestream." The beat is laid back, calm like the ocean waves very peaceful and with Gary Samurai's lyrics complementing the beat and his smooth flow made this one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are great too and carry positive messages or a reflection into Gary's life. That is all you can ask for from a music artist, to be creative and give you the audience an experience. Some of the highlights track are Mermaid, Freedom, The Chosen, Last Day. 

Mermaid - Is one of my favorite tracks on the album. As stated above it gave me an experience of being underwater trying to woo this mermaid girl who is the object of my affection. The beat is one of my favorites on the album as well since it reminded of "Final Fantasy VII."

The Chosen - The Chosen is when Gary gets really lyrical and spits many themes such as hope, being a leader and overcoming the odds. It's a great song and shines as one of the best lyrics on the album. The production sounds like a something you would hear in an epic prologue to a final boss. It will have your head bobbing.

Last Day - Last Day is the first song on the album and really sets the tone for the album. Once again you see Gary's talent with words his punchlines, metaphors and flow is spot on in this track. It has a nice hook and have some social commentary bars that will have you thinking a little like, "Some of you may might not get this, if someone is good and someone is bad and do the same thing what's the difference?" One of my favorite lines on the album.

Freedom - This is the best song on the album and one hell of a way to end the album. Gary goes all out lyrically and makes sure to end the album with a bang. This song has references to Star Wars, real life issues and it's one of the most personal songs on the album. Gary is able to give lyrical references to geeks, social issues and still keep the concept of the world Lemuria intact. The production is also the best on the album with a smooth jazz speed up track it still sounds like your underwater. This track is the one you must listen too.

Final Thoughts - Lemuria is a breath of fresh air. The album is creative, the lyrics are spot on and the production does the concept of the album justice. This album is just not for geeks who will understand the things Gary references, but anyone who is a fan of Hip Hop that wants something different, something creative and something positive. Gary lyrics will bring you into the world of Lemuria and as you get into each track you will go deeper into his mind and the world. The album is only 9 tracks and I wish there was a little bit more songs, but overall this something you sound check out.

Tracklist & Rating
Last Day (4.5/5)
Underwater (4.0/5)
Mermaid (4.5/5)
Ocean Floor (3.5/5)
Welcome To Acropolis (4.0/5)
The Chosen (4.5/5)
Error! Ft Levi Watson (4.5/5)
Waiting Room (4.0/5)
Freedom (5/5)

Final Rating - 4.5/5 - AWESOME!!!!

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