Five Underrated Anime Villains

A hero is nothing without a good antagonist. Without the villain the hero quest won't have true meaning or any type of conflict. Today I wanted to give praise to five anime villains that I feel are underrated. These villains have left a mark on the protagonist and has very memorable moments. Leave your choices in the comment section.

King Hamdo (Now & Then, Here & There)

When your villain kidnaps kids, puts them in slavery and even has them killing each other for the sake of your own goal, you're not a villain to mess with. King Hamdo is a paranoid schizo with one goal in mind and that is power. He will sacrifice anyone and everything to achieve his goal, not even animals were safe from his wrath. He's the central reason why the anime "Now & Then, Here & There" was so powerful and heartbreaking.  He was truly bone chilling at times, especially when he was around Lala Ru. 

Tetsuo (Akira)


In "Akira" Tetsuo played the antagonist to the protagonist of Kaneda. Tetsuo was very power driven and once he discover his gifts he stop at nothing to find the truth behind Akira. He even destroy the military tons of civilians and even his closest friends. 

Mr. Me-Mania (Perfect Blue)

Mr. Me-Mania is one hell of a villain. What made him so great is that he didn't talk much, but his actions spoke very clearly. He was obsessed with pop idol Mima and nothing was going to stand in his way of having her, not even Mima himself. He killed many and anybody who thought about bringing harm to his precious Mima and his final scene was bone chilling to say the least. 

Johan Liebert (Monster)

Johan is a complete psychopath, a manipulator and he's damn scary. He is purely deserving of the title monster. He kills without any thought, he loves human suffering and thrives on fear. He's usually overlooked as top anime villains, but this is one character I don't want anyone to cross paths with. What makes him even more scary he's a mystery.

Char Aznable 

I love Char Aznable he was a really cool villain. He's not as crazy or sadistic as the others, but he's a villain with charm. You can't help but like him, even though his actions sometimes are questionable. He's a military man and does what he feels is right, he is one of the most underrated antagonist in the Gundam world, even though he was one of the first.