The Legend Of Zelda Ocarinas From Review

One of the most iconic items in the Legend Of Zelda universe, besides the master sword or shield is Link's ocarina. If you love the Legend Of Zelda you might want to check out the ocarinas available from I had the pleasure of getting two of them. I received the 12-Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina and the 6 Hole Legend Of Zelda Potion Ocarina. After spending time with them I' am happy to report the ocarinas are awesome. Each ocarina comes with an instruction manual and song book. The song book is very helpful detailing where each finger should go to play the song. It also gives you detail instructions on how to start off your breathing method. Some songs that are included are Zelda's Lullaby, Ocarina Of Time, Epona's Song, Requiem Of Spirit and Song Of Time just to name a few. I found Ocarina Of Time the most challenging song to try. Great thing is even if you're still confused with the song book, you can always go to the STL Ocarina site and watch videos of others using the product. 

The difficulty level ranges from easy to hard and that is depending on your musical ability. For beginners I would start off with the 6-Hole Ocarina since it will be more easier to perform songs. This way you will be able to learn, breathing techniques for high pitch songs and learn how to handle and hold the ocarina properly. Appearance wise the ocarinas are great replicas from the one's in the game. STL Ocarina did a great job of making the ocarinas authentic as possible including the shape of the ocarinas and the classic tri-force logo. The ocarinas are made of glaze ceramaic which means it's smooth like glass, so you might want to be careful giving it to small children. Finally the price is ranging from 70 to 100 dollars, which is not much more than you pay for a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 game. I consider that an investment if you're a Zelda collector. This is a great gift for any fan of Zelda or for somebody looking to try something new.

Final Grade - A+/9.5

by Nathaniel Jean-Pierre