Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Review

Silent Hill returns to the movie realm. Is the new film worth a second trip into the hellish world? Or should we check out of Silent Hill for good?

Story - When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood. That is the synopsis for the film. Silent Hill Revelation 3D will be a hit or miss with the audience. Fans of the game and the original movie can relax. The movie does a good a job of staying true to the game and keeping continuity of the original movie. However for audiences that have no idea on the story of Silent Hill and characters will be confused. It will be best for people planning to see this movie to see the first one. Otherwise research knowledge on the Silent Hill mythos, because the movie jumps right in expecting you to know certain things about the franchise. For gamers they won't have a problem picking up on key moments, key characters and locations. However for the general audience the story will be all over the place. 

The story suffers from characters that appear to play key roles only to appear in one or two scenes. Sadly the story misses it's mark due to characters not given enough time to be developed. Fans of the series will not like the treatment of one of Silent Hill 3 important characters Douglas Cartland. I won't go into spoilers but I will say he's in and out faster than you get to remember his name. While the story succeeds on showcasing the psychology of Heather Mason. It does well showing the source of her nightmares and the personality duality that she deals with. As the story progressions we get a deeper look into Heather's her true nature. While it becomes predictable on who she really is, I found that part of story very intriguing and thought it did a good job of adapting that aspect from the game. Overall the main story does a good job sticking to the source material. Fans will be pleased with key scenes, locations and some easter eggs from other Silent Hill games. The general audience however might view the plot as confusing and only catering to fans of the series.

Acting - The acting wasn't bad. Adelaide Clemens played Heather Mason very well. She carries the lead role good enough to give you a performance you can invest time to care for her character. Sean Bean, Michael Mcdowell and Carrie Anne Moss do a solid job giving the screen time they had. The only performance that really bother me was Vincent played by Kit Harington. It wasn't the acting that bothered me. It was mainly how the character was written. His character is surrounded in mystery, but he also is Heather's love interest which wasn't necessary and falls flat. Harington does well on what he has to work with, but the character is not as memorable or such a key figure as he is in the game. 

Music & Film-making - One thing Silent Hill is known for is that creepy music. This movie does not disappoint in that department. The soundtrack is composed by Akira Yamaoka and Jeff Danna. The music sets the tone of terror throughout the film. Die hard fans might recognized different renditions of some of they favorite tracks from Silent Hill 3. Film-making the 3D is pretty good. The opening scene with ashes coming to your face was very fun. It uses little CGI and instead uses props and actual stuntman for the monsters. I like the use of little CGI because it makes the film more believable and more intense for the audience. The settings are dark, disturbing and capture the world of Silent Hill 3 very well. The film has number of fairly good scares, but unfortunately one scene which could have been really terrifying with the nurses ends too quick.

Final Thoughts - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is not at a bad film, but it isn't a great one. It has some key moments, some key scares and a interesting main character. The 3D and music is used in the right moments and the setting is dark and creepy. This is actually one of the better movies based on a videogame. Fans of the series will enjoy the easter eggs and seeing characters from Silent Hill 3 come to life. The general audience will be confused with the plot, and feel like the pacing of the movie was rushed.   However this movie is still provides some entertainment and is at least a movie to see on Halloween.


                                             Final Grade