Otaku Band LeetStreet Boys Release 3rd Album "L3g3nds"

Hey Otakus! Ashley here with some Geeks Who Do Music Music News. Today the otaku band LeetStreet Boys have released there 3rd album entitled "L3g3nds." The album has 11 tracks which you can see the list below and two videos found on the official website. Legends takes otaku music to a whole new level with familiar teen anthems like “Imaginary Boys” and “Sakura,” as well as thoughtful, introspective ballads like “My Life Is An RPG” and “The Song Of Time.” The album is available for purchase on the LeetStreet Boys website as well as iTunes and other digital music stores. The price for mail-order albums is $13.37 including shipping, because the band thinks it’s a really “l33t” (1337) value and has a sense of humor!

Buy “L3g3nds” CD through the LeetStreet Boys website store!
Buy “L3g3nds” digital copy on iTunes.