Japanese Horror Games You Don't Want To Miss

Halloween is approaching and one way I will be spending it is playing some of my favorite Japanese horror games. Now when I mean Japanese horror games, I don't mean it was particularly made by Japanese developers. I mean that the games have settings and gives you experiences of a Japanese horror movie. I have played a lot of those type of games and made a list of games you should check out this Halloween.

Fatal Frame Series (Playstation 2 & Nintendo Wii)

There is no secret that my favorite horror game series is Fatal Frame. Why? Fatal Frame was the first horror game that actually scared me. When I'm talking about scared I'm not talking about jump scares. I'm talking about not playing at all because you're scared to do it alone. This was the first game that literally made me drop the controller out of fear and turn off the system. What Fatal Frame does so well that other games attempted but fail to do is keep you tense from start to finish. In any entry of Fatal Frame whether it's 1, 2,3 or 4 you can expect the unexpected. Ghost in Fatal Frame tend to pop up randomly in the most frightening way. I remember in Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly, there was this one scare where you open the door and the ghost is right in front of you, it made me turn the game off. It's not just the scares that make Fatal Frame a can't miss series. The voice work and environment also play a big role. In the games ghost voices can be heard echoing throughout the game. They sometimes even leave radio messages which is down right disturbing. The environment is pure Japanese horror usually taking place in an old village or apartment. The developers made sure to use doors, windows and other items to advantage to make sure your fear will stick.

Siren & Siren Blood Curse (Playstation 2 & 3)

If I was going to describe the Siren series in one word it would be underrated. The first one had okay reviews. Many people thought it was too hard, clunky controls, but it was damn good when it came to scares and sound. The third one or re-imaging Siren Blood Curse came out for the PS3 and it was amazing. An American television film crew is investigating the Legend of Haunda. The legend is a village that disappeared and is known for sacrifices of people for over 30 years. This game packs a great story of 12 chapters with different characters to use, different style of gameplay and great puzzle. Above all else this game and series is unique, scary and one hell of an underrated thriller.

Kuon (Playstation 2)

Kuon might not be the best game. It's short and starts off slow. However it delivers in the scares and the setting is creepy. The story is what keeps you interested. You play as Utsuki or Sakuya depending on who you choose you will be either searching for your father as Utsuki. Or as Sakuya you will investigate the paranormal activity taking place. It has some real legit scares for it's short play through.

Calling (Nintendo Wii)

I know I gave Calling an average rating. However it still has some genuine scares and it's kind of a love letter to One Missed Call, The Ring and The Grudge. It takes elements from those horror movies and makes a pretty decent story. While the gameplay can be pretty simple and basic for some hardcore horror fans. This game is still a rental that you should give a shot.

That is my list you should be pretty busy with the entire Fatal Frame Series. However if that isn't enough Siren and Kuon will keep you busy. Other mentions are Ikenie No Yoru (Wii) and Ju-On The Grudge (Wii). Do you have any other titles the readers should know about? Leave a comment.