Interview With Travel Channel Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough

One thing I love growing up and still do till this day is toys. I had an opportunity to sit down with Jordan Hembrough of Travel Channel's show "Toy Hunter." We talk about toys, tips for toy collectors and of course Star Wars. You can catch Jordan and his adventures every Wednesday 10pm on the Travel Channel. How did the show come about?

Jordan Hembrough: I was approach a year and a half ago by Sharp Entertainment in New York. These are like the wizards that brought you shows like Man vs Food, Call Of The Wild. They're really great with doing shows with great entertainment value. They approach me about a year and half ago about a concept of someone going around buying pop culture memorabilia toys. I went to interview with them on a Friday and by Tuesday I was signed on. We film the pilot and the pilot aired on January 15th of last year, we did very well and got green lit for a series. We started filming March and premiere in August and it's been great. How do you determined the value of toy? How do you can tell which toy has higher value?

Jordan Hembrough: It's all about networking. It's all about talking to all my other dealer friends. We're all one big community, all the dealers talk to each other and share information. It's essentially keeping my ear to the grindstone, and trying to figure out which toys are selling for this amount whether it's higher or lower. Talking to people saying "you sold that for this amount can't believe it." We're always constantly sharing information with each other. I also check out internet sells that we have for a company, maybe go on past history of a product. Is there one particular toy that you really want to find that you haven't found yet?

Jordan Hembrough: Right now I'm looking for a toy by the Nico Corporation. It's Aquaman vs The Great White Shark. It's a two pack and extremely rare. If I find it I'm paying 3,000 on it. That's how much it cost?

Jordan Hembrough: That's how much I'm willing to pay for it. How much do you think it's worth?

Jordan Hembrough: I've seen it go for 7,000. What can we expect from this upcoming season of "Toy Hunter"?

Jordan Hembrough: You can expect more conventions, more live events like Comic Con. I'm going to try to go overseas, I've got some stuff overseas that I' am working on. A lot more of the same, more great toys that we grew up with, more collectors that love them. As a collector what are some tips you can give other collectors? How can they tell whether the toy is worth buying?

Jordan Hembrough: What you want to do is you want to make sure the toys are in the box. When you look at the packaging of the boxes make sure it's in good condition. It sometimes can be difficult because some boxes are 20 years old. But you want to make sure there is no tearing, if it's not in the box look at the toy and make sure it's complete. Check to make sure if the stickers, weapons or accessories are all there. Anytime your missing a key component like that you're taking away from the value of the toy. What was your favorite toy growing up?

Jordan Hembrough: Star Wars! I' am a huge Star Wars geek. Favorite action figure past and present?

Jordan Hembrough: Past will have to be Star Wars. I love anything by Nico Corporation back in the 70's. Also the 8 inch and 7 inch figures with the cloth body and costumes from Nico. Current lines I like what Hasbro is doing with G.I. Joe and what they're doing with the Star Wars line. Since we're out here at Comic Con are you hunting for any toys?

Jordan Hembrough: I'm actually in selling mode. I have a booth and all the great stuff you saw on the show I actually will be selling them. We're going to be selling a lot of vintage toys and a lot merchandise from The Muppets and more. Since you're a Star Wars Geek and so am I who is your favorite character?

Jordan Hembrough: R2D2 believe it or not. I love R2D2 because he's a cool looking droid and has these cool tools. It's like anytime you need anything R2D2 is there. Jedi or Sith?

Jordan Hembrough: Jedi all the way.

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