Interview With Pamela Horton (Playboy's Miss October 2012)

We got an exciting interview for you Otakus & Geeks readers. We had a chat with Pamela Horton a gamer and recently made Playboy's Miss October. We chat with Pamela about the shoot, gaming and her artistic side of painting and sculpting.  First congratulations on your cover for Miss October 2012 for Playboy. Can you tell us how that came about?

Pamela Horton: I had been modeling since I was 18. About a year ago a submitting photographer sent me a message on Model Mayhem about submitting me for Cyber Girl. He sent in my pictures and his editor said they wanted to test me for playmate! That's how it started!  How long you’ve been modeling and what inspired you to choose that career path?

Pamela Horton: I never really intended to be a model. It kind of just happened. A photographer saw me on MySpace and asked if I wanted to shoot. I was wary at first but he turned out to be one of the very best who taught me about the industry! As a model who is into games and comic books. Have you ever cosplayed before and if you haven’t which character would you love to cosplay as?

Pamela Horton: I actually have Cosplayed! I went as Ayla from Chrono Trigger one year at A-Kon in Dallas. It was so much fun! I would really love to make a legit Samus suit!  Aside from modeling you’re also into the arts. We understand you do some sculpting, painting and handcrafting. Can you tell us a little about that and how did you get into it?

Pamela Horton: Both of my parents are very creative and artistic so you would say its always been in my blood. I don't remember not being a creative/artistic person. :D When painting or sculpting what is the thought process like? How do you decide on what you will create?  Is it just a feel of the moment or do you plan it out?

Pamela Horton: Usually music is my motivation. I have a vivid imagination so I hear a song and try to imagine the story it is telling. (Even instrumental songs.) it pops into my head and I can't stop drawing until its done.  You also have some arts on What products do you sell on there?

Pamela Horton: Right now I only have my Doodle Blob shirts up there. They are my original characters (copyrighted!) and each "blob" represents an idea. The two shirts say " gamers need love too" and "nerds need love too" with the blob signifying the characteristics of a gamer/nerd.  You’ve mention in other interviews and in the magazine that you’re really into gaming. What was the first game that you remember playing?

Pamela Horton: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES! I knew how to save Princess Zelda and escort her to the cathedral before I could tie my shoes! What is your favorite genre in gaming and favorite game? Also What games are you currently playing?

Pamela Horton: My favorite genre is RPG. Favorite game is a toss up between Chrono Trigger and Earthbound. I am currently playing League of Legends and WoW: Mists of Pandaria and Pokemon Black 2 You've been quoted saying ““I’m obsessed with MMOs!  I love being known as every gamer guy’s dream.” Bold statement can you elaborate on the gamer guy’s dream?

Pamela Horton: That statement was tailored to imply I am single. I enjoy being my gamer guys dream. My boyfriend is my motivation and my best friend and having this amazing person tell me I'm his dream girl is all I need. The question most geeky boys are asking us to ask you. Do you date gamers, geeks etc?

Pamela Horton: They are the only guys I date! I'll take a gamer before I take a sports fanatic. What’s up next for Pamela Horton?

Pamela Horton: Even I don't know for sure yet! I hope to start working in the video game industry soon though!

OtakusandGeeks: Finally how can your fans keep in touch with you?

Pamela Horton: They can follow me on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @pamelahorton13. I also have a League of Legends stream on and play with my fans! Summoner name: MissOctober2012