Interview With LeetStreet Boys

Hey Otakus and Geeks we have another exciting interview today. We had a chat with the Otaku band LeetStreet Boys. The band has two albums and just recently released they 3rd album " L3g3nds." We had a chat with the lead singer Matt to talk anime, the 3rd album and more. Let’s start with the origins. How did the band form? Also how did you come up with the name?

LeetStreet Boys: I wrote Yuri The Only One for a one-time performance at an anime convention, and I had no idea anything more would come of it. LeetStreet Boys (using the 3s as Es) was the first cool name we came up with, after rejecting The Free Hugs and Sexy Jitsu. Your music topics are amazing. It’s really rare to find an Otaku/Geeky band. How do you choose the topics to your songs?

LeetStreet Boys: Thanks! On L3g3nds I brainstormed a list of song topics before writing any music.  Stories I wanted to tell inspired by personal experiences or the experiences of otakus I've met. Popular anime and games are always changing, but the emotions that fans experience are timeless. Do you have a favorite record that holds a special place?

LeetStreet Boys: I've probably listened to Green Day's “Dookie,” Sugarcult's “Start Static” and the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack more than anything else.

OtakusandGeeks: Has there been any changes in style of music from your debut album to recent album L3g3nds?

LeetStreet Boys: I've tried to keep the arrangements consistent between albums. I want fans to get what they expect from a LeetStreet Boys album. L3g3nds has more chiptunes on it in places where lead guitar would be. Because we're usually playing shows with only one guitarist rather than 2, I wanted the guitar to be playable live no matter what. There's also more piano-driven songs. Since piano is my main instrument I feel like there are times where I can better communicate through piano than guitar. Tell us a little bit about the 3rd album L3g3nds and what was the process of creating it like?

LeetStreet Boys: My goal was to balance between writing songs for teen and adult fans and to have more diversity compared to Otaku Hearts. I did a huge amount of revision on some of the song arrangements over six months. I wrote and recorded even more songs and scrapped the ones I felt were weakest. The album mixing happened over a relatively short period of time. It involved lots of intense  discussion, late nights listening and making tough decisions quickly. I also want to commend Powers for stepping up to the challenge of doing more guitar solos than originally planned. Do you have a favorite song on the 3rd album?

LeetStreetBoys: My personal favorites are Sakura for the music, and Imaginary Boys for the lyrics.

*Note* - Sakura is our favorite song on the track as well :). Let’s talk anime when it comes to anime, do you have a specific genre that you like to watch?

LeetStreet Boys: I personally enjoy mystery like Detective Conan and Kindaichi Casefiles, as well as fantasy like Vampire Hunter D and FullMetal Alchemist. Who is your favorite anime character and why?

LeetStreet Boys: Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club, because of the way he can charm women. Here at we have a Cosplay Girl Of The Week. Have you seen a Cosplay Girl that made you say wow, she looks just like the character?

LeetStreet Boys: Of course! We're releasing a music video for our song “Cosplay Girlfriend” around end of year. Look out for it! Tell us about the LeetStreet Boys webcomics. How did that start?

LeetStreet Boys: There was no way we realistically had the resources to make an anime, so we started a webcomic. It helps keep fans interested in LeetStreet Boys between releasing new music. Speaking of comics. Do you have a favorite superhero and least favorite superhero?

LeetStreet Boys: My favorite is a good James Bond movie. My least favorite is a bad James Bond movie. I hope Skyfall will be a good one! You guys perform at a lot of conventions. What is the most awkward moment with a fan?

LeetStreet Boys: 99% of fans are wonderful and make me feel totally comfortable. Unfortunately there are 1% of fans that are prone to do stupid things which is why rules exist. I've learned to be careful what I say to teen fans, because it's such an emotional age.  That being said, I tend to become friends with and / or fall for my fans. If I didn't love being with fans there is no way that I would do what I do. I can be awkward too! Finally how can your fans keep in touch?

LeetStreet Boys: Follow all LeetStreet Boys' adventures on our website!