Interview With Adelaide Clemens

We had a chat with Adelaide Clemens the star of Silent Hill Revelation 3D. We talk Silent Hill, what was it like taking on the role of Heather Mason and more. Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Adelaide Clemens: Yes I play Heather Mason. She's a 17 year old girl who lives with her father. They have been on the run for six years and I don't think she really knows why. There is a lot about her past that she is still trying to figure out. She has these experiences happen to her that get increasingly more freighting which eventually leads her to Silent Hill. 

Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason You play more than one character in this movie. Can you tell us a little about that character?

Adelaide Clemens: I play a very younger Heather Mason with a different look. I had this big brown wig on which was really fun. I also play another character which is evil. It was a challenge to change the voice. I love  doing vocal dynamics it was fun. How did you prep for these roles?

Adelaide Clemens: I went to the videogames and the first film itself. Losing your mind is one of the scariest things to me. Those characters have that sense of desperation. You examine and ask yourself what would you do if you were going to lose your mind or identity. What was it like filming the movie?

Adelaide Clemens: It was really interesting. Dynamically it was the most physically challenging film that I've done. I 'm a runner and I use to be a gymnast and thought to myself oh yeah I'll be fine. However every day for four months running, jumping, screaming and doing stunts was really strenuous, but it made me feel like Heather. As for filming in 3D I couldn't shove my hand into the lens *laughs* you wouldn't have a face. When filming green screen you usually have to use your imagination. Did you have to create a perception of the monsters in your mind? Or did they show you a picture what the monsters would look like?

Adelaide Clemens: The thing is we only had one monster that was CGI so I didn't have much work to do in that sense. Michael was very clear about that, because he said that it will create a different performance from the actors. Red Pyramid was a wonderful stunt man on stills standing ten feet tall and holding a huge axe. It creates a total different film experience actually having the characters there it raises the intensity. Were you fully aware of the games coming into the movie?

Adelaide Clemens: I have two younger brothers and both love videogames and Silent Hill was one of them they would play it everyday. The first time I played it I think I last like thirty two minutes in the game. It's scary game which was Konami attention. Was there a monster that scared you?

Adelaide Clemens: It was this faceless monster that had brains coming out of his nose and eyes. I had to a fight scene with this man monster. Michael was like shoot him in the face and I had my eyes close the whole time and I kept missing the face. I was like he doesn't have a face *laughs*. Just another day in Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Revelations comes out October 26th 2012 nationwide.

Adelaide Clemens after our interview.