Import Game Watch: E.X. Troopers

It's time to go back to Japan for more upcoming games that they will be playing. This one is from the Nintendo 3DS and I'm really excited about this one. The game is called "E.X. Troopers." Here is a brief description from

Become an Ex Trooper, pilot Vital Suits to take down hostile forces. Bren Turner is a rookie in the academy. When the Vital Suit he was piloting with his tutor is attacked by a mysterious force, he has no choice but to go to war. Yet, that attack is just the beginning.

Bren can wield a main weapon and a sub weapon. Each can shoot a number of bullets. During reloading times, you are next to vulnerable, so make good use of your weapons and position yourself in the battles properly to make sure that your enemies can't take advantage of you. 

 Characters also has a Jet Pack. Use it to accelerate, break out of a circle of enemies or zoom near to a boss to shoot him at point blank. T-ENG is a very important energy source in the game. Store them up and trigger it when the forces of your enemies become overwhelming.

Here is the trailer from Tokyo Game Show and some stills from The game will be released November 22nd 2012. I'm so envious of anybody with a Japanese 3DS.