2012 NYCC New-Gen Interview

New-Gen Interview

Hey Otakus and Geeks fan, Sean ( The True Comic Fan ). It's that time of year again and we are at 2012 New York Comic Con. Today we stopped by the New-Gen Booth to check out the new comics and what up coming projects they are working on. So Check out the video interview (with J2P Nice Guy) and pics from New-Gen Booth.

As always here is a little history about New-Gen:
NEW-GEN is a superhero comic book series created in 2008 by J.D. Matonti, Chris Matonti and Julia Coppola, of A.P.N.G Enterprises. It is printed, distributed and advertised by Marvel Comics. The series centers around the war over nanotechnology between two powerful scientists, Gabriel and Deadalus, from the extra-dimensional world of New-Gen.

New-Gen is an extra-dimensional world where science and technology reign supreme. Nanotechnology controls a huge amount of the world's features, including weather, architecture, energy and materials science. The scientist Gabriel, pioneer in nanotechnology, strives for good and the betterment of his world through the use of his technology. However, his apprentice Deadalus, grows ruthless and seeks to use the nanobots to gain power and control over New-Gen. Deadalus unleashes a powerful, unpredictable type of nanotechnology on the world, which infects several of the children of New-Gen, changing them into super powered creatures. Gabriel defeats Deadalus and banishes him to the underworld. 

Gabriel then takes in all the children affected by his nanotechnology in order to protect and train them in the use of their powers, founding the Association for the Protection of the New Generation (A.P.N.G.) in the process. Fearing his infant twin sons, Chris and Sean, were affected, Gabriel sends them to Earth in present-day New York City to protect them from Deadalus, much to the dismay of his wife, Thea. While trapped in the underworld, Deadalus finds fierce robo- insectiod creatures called MetalMites that he can mentally control. After discovering that the Mites can dig into other dimensions, he vows to get back to NEW-GEN and get revenge on Gabriel.
* from Wikipedia



by Sean Tucker