The Binding Of Isaac Review

The binding of Isaac is a twisted and unforgiving Action-adventure/dungeon crawler made by Edmund McMillen one  half of team meat, who made the ever so popular Super Meat Boy. The binding of Isaac is on steam for 5$ USD and the wrath of the lambs DLC that doubles the content is 3$ USD. Is this game worth your time or or an easy pass?

Story- In the binding of Isaac you play as Isaac who lives with his mother who has a obsession with  Christian Television. Every thing is simple until the day  Mom hears a voice from up above ant tells her that Isaac is corrupted by sin and that he needs to be saved. Obeying the voice she takes every thing from Isaac including his pants, then after hearing the voice again this time she locks Issac in his room. Then after in the final calling from the Voice he demands she sacrifice Isaac to show her love for him. In a panic Isaac finds a trap door to his basement under his rug and proceeds to jump down in time to escape his mother. Now this is where your journey begins to face Mom.

 Gameplay- Is unforgiving for short if you die and that it you start over from the start losing everything a very old school way of gaming this top down has taken. But this is what gives the binding of Isaac its charm the from items that could save you ass to the unlabeled pills that could easily screw you over every thing is a mystery and you will be playing this game over and over and over. Another major part of the game is the Special rooms such as Treasure Rooms, Shops, Secret Rooms and more where one you could find Items, shot machines, enemies or even a mini boss whatever you find could mean the difference between life and death. But don't forget every thing comes at a price weather its a key, coins or something else. Also lets not forget Isaac his only weapon are tears (unless you find a tear changing item) yes Isaac cries and uses them as ammunition against the array of enemies you will encounter and there is no shortage of them. On another that note the controls are great and take some time to get used to at first most people will be confused especially since there quite a few items that change the controls. Keeping that in mind those controls are what will be used to take on the boss rooms witch only get harder and takes experience to beat most of them. There are moments where things seem broken and even unbeatable but after playing for a year and experiencing most of whats to offer this game perfect as gameplay and controls go. But in all to beat this game you will need both skill and luck.

Graphics and Sound- This is the most unpolished part of the game but the majority of bugs in this department are usually caused by your hardware and not the game it self. That said the art is insane everything looks as amazing as gorey yet cartoony game can look every thing fits and the bosses are all very disgusting looking in a good way. The sound fits every action and and rely is amazing.

Final Grade 9.5- In short this game is amazing! And the replay value is higher than any game I have ever played, the game is based around you replaying and learning from your mistakes. This is a game were every thing effects you and will have you playing for awhile I'm still playing! But I highly recommend this game to any one and is one of the best I have played in awhile.