NEOGEO X Handheld

I assume a lot of you remember the Neo Geo Console or have at least played one of SNK's many games. But if not let me fill you in on its origins, the Neo Geo was released 1991 USA (1990 JP). It was home to many classics such as King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug plus may more iconic games.
 Now that you know time to let you know about the new handheld console from SNK the NEOGEO X. As seen above it is a sleek with a 4.3" LCD Screen. That comes with 20 classic Neo Geo games and there all the best ones too. 
The 20 pre-loaded games

This rebirth of the classic Neo Geo system will release for $129.99 USD and worth is with the 20  free games that are all amazing. Also there is the NEO GEO X Gold that is the classic Neo Geo console re-released  for the 20th anniversary that is compatible with the neo geo x and uses it as a joy stick. check both out at