Lenni Reviews: Flutter

Flutter (Yaoi Manga) by Momoko Tenzen

**This title contains adult content**
Aren’t you glad Lenni has brought you some more man-lovin? Yeah, you know you are.
Unlike the last yaoi manga I reviewed for you guys, Flutter is a light hearted boy meets boy story. The couple Masahiro Asada and Ryosuke Mizuki end up working on the same project together after Asada has been watching the enigmatic Mizuki from a far for a long time. Asada can’t hide his feelings forth a damn so of course there’s attraction between them.
As yaoi goes, the plot is pretty standard; boy meets boy, boy has attraction to boy, one boy has a secret past to work through while the other is so woefully earnest, you just wanna smush him. This is not to say it isn’t a fun or enjoyable read. Flutter is a very sweet story; drawn and written beautifully. The art isn’t as explicit as some other yaoi I’ve read but if you know your male anatomy – and I know you do – you get the picture. The intimate scenes are handled with a certain amount of elegance and digression while still being sensual, so if you like your smut implied rather than very explicit, you’ll be happy here.
I am such a sucker for a cute love story that doesn’t get overly sappy. And I’m always happy to see some more yaoi being published in the US. If you pick up Flutter for a light, fun read that will tug gently at your heart strings, you won’t be disappointed.