The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made PT.1

With the summer movie season almost coming to a close. Fans have seen some of the best Superhero movies yet with "The Dark Knight Rises", "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Avengers." Regardless of how you feel about these titles there is one thing for sure. These movies aren't in the category of the worst superhero movies ever made. I decide to go back into the archives of superhero movies to find the absolute worst films. Reliving these movies was a very painful experience. There is no particular order, some movies are worst than others but it doesn't matter. These are superhero movies that need to be buried or never see the light of day again.  Here is my part 1 of my list.

Batman & Robin (1997) - Let me get this one out the way otherwise it will turn into a Batman & Robin article. Personally this is the worst superhero movie ever made and the worst Batman movie ever! Not only was this film poorly miscast, but the inaccuracy with the characters will make any comic nerd go insane. Seriously Barbara Gordon is Alfred's niece? Are you insane? Let's not forget about Bane being turned into Joel Schumacher's version of Frankenstein. Bane has no dialogue except saying his name and the word bomb. Do you remember the infamous BANE!!!!! scene when the venom is injected? It was enough for any fan of "Knightfall" to transform into a Super Saiyan out of anger due to inaccuracy on the adaptation.

Then there is Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. My goodness not only was his Mr. Freeze very campy, but the constant puns relating to things cold was not only annoying but laughable. "You are not sending me to the cooler." "Let's kick some ice." "What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age." We get it Schumacher he's Mr. Freeze and he's cold. Don't believe me enough watch the video below. Finally the writing is unforgivable. The dialogue was not only horrible, but jokes fail to assume you. "This is why Superman works alone." That dialogue is enough to set you into a state of rage. Let's not forget things that are unforgivable like, giving Batman a bat credit card that says Batman Forever, then having him say. "Never leave the cave without it" is something I can't forgive. In order to get a credit card don't you need to give out information. Did he sign his name on the application as Batman? Or is Bruce Wayne so rich that he makes his own credit cards?

The funny thing about Batman & Robin is the films attempt to have some emotional depth. The film attempts to accomplish this by making Alfred sick and having the Cape Crusaders bicker with one another like high school girls. Unfortunately due to the campy tone, the Scooby Doo sound effects and annoying talks about ice, you can careless whether Alfred dies or not. Trust me you wouldn't care that Robin is tired of being in Batman shadow either. Robin is a cry baby in this movie and I wish they just kept him frozen in this film. As for George Clooney as Batman let's just say thank goodness Nolan rebooted the series.I have ranted enough on this horrible film. Let's move on to the next one.

Steel (1997) - 1997 must have been the death of superhero films. Not only did we get Batman & Robin but we also got "Steel" starring Shaquille O'Neal. For some reason studios thought that people wanted to see the story of one of DC's lackluster heroes. Let's be honest I doubt Steel is on many peoples list of favorite superhero. Why is this movie such an epic fail? I will give you only three reasons why this movie sucks. 

1. Acting is non existent in this film. Shaq's acting is probably the worst I've seen in a superhero movie. However to be fair Shaq isn't an actor he's a basketball player. But c'mon his delivery on the dialogue is so robotic that it comes off like it's just a guy trying to act. The dialogue was lame and outdated and didn't connect with the audience. Seriously who was saying it's hammer time in 1997? In addition his supporting cast doesn't help either. Most of them are over acting or just didn't care about they roles. The most annoying performance was Ray J. Yes the same Ray J that is Brandy's brother. The same Ray J with the sex tape with Kim Kardashian. His character is loud, obnoxious and frankly a little of a stereotype of a inner city kid. You wish something bad would happen to that kid, but it never does.

2. Action and design is horrible beyond belief. Shaq Steel suit looks like a grown man who visit Party City to go trick or treating. Sometimes it looks okay and other scenes it looks really cheap. The action is so bad you think a kid choreograph some of this. Shaq moves so slow that I'm surprise he catches any crooks at all (see the train yard scene.) His movements was too stiff for the role and him riding the escalator is too laughable. 

3. The story is boring, uninteresting and full of characters you don't care about.

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987) - Worst Superman movie ever! Superman IV takes logic and throws it out the window. Not only is this movie just a one view perspective on how we should handle nuclear weapons. Superman has the nerve to take upon himself to tell the governments, the citizen of Earth that he will take care of this issue. He will take care this problem because he is no longer an alien visiting Earth, he's now a citizen. So after growing up in Smallville and saving Metropolis now you feel like a citizen of Earth? The story is not the only problem wrong with this film. Like I said logic was thrown out the window. Now I know this is a movie and anything can happen, but basic elementary school science should still apply. There is a scene when Superman has to rescue Lacy Warfield from Nuclear Man in space. Lacy is in space with no shuttle, no space suit, she is able to breathe in space. Yes goodbye basic science! Humans can breathe in space in this movie. If that isn't enough the villain Nuclear Man is the worst villain in a Superman movie. His back story is laughable, his fight scenes with Superman is lame. He literally served no purpose. Finally this movie was made in 1987 you think the effects for the flying would improve from previous installments. Nope! In fact the effects are the worst in the series.There is plenty wrong with this movie but unfortunately I have more films to discuss. Stay tune for part 2. I' am sorry my brain can only take so much.