The Wizard Of Oz (Graphic Novel Review)

The classic story of "The Wizard Of Oz" is told again for a new generation. This time the story is told in the form of a graphic novel with illustrations from artist Ben Caldwell. The graphic novel for the most part sticks very closely to the original tale. Classic characters like the Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion return. However the tale while following the same format keep it fresh some with new characters and interpretations. For example Dorothy is a little more brave and bold. The Tinman has a mustache and you get a more background story on how he became the Tinman. This Wizard Of Oz has a little darkness to it. It's not too dark that your kids won't be able to read it. However there are times when The Wicked Witch becomes truly wicked. Not to give too much of a spoiler, but capturing the Lion and sentencing him to starvation really shows how wicked she is. Overall the story is enjoyable to read and the new characters such as the Mouse Queen, and a different twist on our favorite flying monkeys are a welcome addition. The theme of each character remains. The Lion must find the courage, Tinman must find the heart, Scarecrow the mind, and Dorothy must learn the importance of helping others. 

The art style I really did adore. This looks like it would have been made into cartoon. Caldwell style is simply amazing and I love his design on Dorothy she is innocent looking, but she gets tough when she has too. The environments come alive with each page. Caldwell's Emerald City has a great concept which you will see with the glasses the characters wear walking through the city. It gives a new meaning to Emerald City. The art has great use of colors and it has a unique interpretation on the characters we love. It's like reading a cartoon. Overall this is a good interpretation of The Wizard Of Oz. I would have like to see more of the Munchkins and more of the importance of the slippers. Otherwise it's time to take another trip to Emerald City and fall in love once again with these characters. 

Final Grade A+ - With The Wizard Of Oz you can't really go wrong. This adaption has a little more dark approach to The Wicked Witch. The characters have more backstory and it looks great.