The Stain That Leads To The Demon (Oni ni Itaru Doro) Manga Review

Title - The Stain That Leads to the Demon (Oni ni Itaru Doro)
Author - Natsume Hasumi
Artist - ???
Pages - 87

Story - People’s negative feelings form stains in their hearts, and before long these stains become demons. Fujimori loves being praised by other people and goes to great lengths to become a model student. When the suspicious transfer student Shinomiya Kuroto appears, Fujimori becomes involved in a battle that no one must know about!

The story and concept is really enjoyable in this Manga. Author Natsume Hasumi have weave a story with a concept that will really make you look at yourself, or at least some of your friends. The concept is focus on the negative vibes and energy in our hearts. What if all the negative feelings that we have manifested into a beast of it's own called "Dirt Demons?" This is what happens with Fujimori the main character who lives a fake life. He lives for the sole purpose of being praised by others. However the same people that praise him, he resents and gets envious of. These negative vibes have gotten so bad that he is on his way to becoming a "Dirt Demon." Once your negative vibes is at it's peak you become a mindless "Dirt Demon" who sole purpose is to harm the people you hate.

Enters the mysterious Shinomiya Kuroto a Death God who watches Fujimori to guide him to not becoming a "Dirt Demon." Together these two have the classic positive and negative chemistry that you would expect in a cop movie. Fujimori goal is to remain fake so he can continue getting his praise. While Shinomiya is trying to get him face reality. This is a recipe for a back and forth confrontation. The characters are a pleasure to read as they go through there journey. However it suffers from lack of backstory on both men. Shinomiya is truly a mystery and I wish they would explain more about him. How did he become a Death God? How did Fujimori become such an attention whore? These things were never really explain and it might leave you disappointed. Overall the story is enjoyable and has heart. A great theme of being yourself will keep you interested to the very end.  

Art - The art is pretty good. The artist brings the characters life, but some art feels like it was drawn from sketch at parts. The action is average at best. It doesn't really scream action just a couple shots of the "Dirt Demon" dying, some blood splatter, nothing really special. Otherwise it's pretty good.

Final Grade B+/8.5 - "The Stain That Leads To The Demon" is a good Manga to check out. With great concept, good characters and themes, this is a Manga that you should at least read.