Supernatural Season 8/ Backtracking

Hello everyone. As people may know, I am a huge Supernatural fan. As a fan I am so excited for Season 8 of the series!!!!! Horray! For people who haven't watched Supernatural or wandering what it is about, I shall try to explain the begining of the story as best as I can (you have to watch the rest of the seasons to figure out what is next. I'm just laying down the groundwork for you and also if I left anything out, be free to comment about it).

The Winchesters were a normal family. Mary and John Winchester had two sons Sam and Dean. Dean is the older brother and Sam is the little brother. They lived happily ever after until.....
One night as Mary and John took their sons to bed, an intruder made its way into baby Sam's room. Of course Sam started to cry and as a parent, Mary went to go see what was wrong. Unfortunatly she walked in on the intruder. She yelled and John went to see what happened. Sam was okay and crying but as he looked up, Mary was pinned to the ceiling dead, and then caught on fire. John got the boys out of the house as the fire spread. From that moment on, John would track down the demon that took the life of his wife and the mother to his sons.

Fast forward into years in the future. Sam is all grown up and in college, law school in fact, and has a lovely girlfriend named Jessica. He is having a great time and enjoys the college life. Sam lives with Jessica and one night a person came into their home unanounced. Sam came down stairs and fought with the intruder which was actually Dean. Of course Sam was surprised and come to find out that John is missing. Dean wanted to get Sam to help him look for John. Dean is getting worried. Sam was relectant at first but decided to help, only if he was able to make it in time to his interview.

And so Sam said goodbye to Jessica and the brothers went off to look for clues. To make the story shorter, the boys found a lead to their father's whereabouts while hunting a ghost and Dean dropped off Sam at the college. When Sam went to bed, he looked up and saw Jessica in the position his mother was in. The apartment went up in flames and Dean got Sam out in the nick of time. The vow they pledged that night was the same as their dad's goal: Kill the demon that caused all this pain.

This is the start of the boys journey through life as hunters.

Sam and Dean have faced more than an average person does in real life. However I believe that Sam and Dean not only face demons that are in folklore but they face their own demons. This is what makes this show so awesome. It submerges you into this fictional world but makes you experience real life situations such as love, lost and sacrifice. Trust me, sacrifice is a HUGE theme in this show. I'm so happy that this show is in for another season and for the whole Supernatural cast and crew, God Bless and break a leg in your upcoming season. You rock!!!!!!

This is Anime Angel saying Supernatural Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!