P.A.M Review

P.A.M which stands for Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is a action racer with out the race, (lol) it is a cross between Full Auto and Twisted Metal. This destruction derby indie is made by Steel Monkeys and is 9.99$ USD on Steam. Is P.A.M a worthy buy or a an easy pass?

Story- There is none! But does a destructive car based action shooter really need one?

Gameplay-  P.A.M is hectic! The way it should be, nothing short of its name your set in a post apocalyptic environment in what ever crazy car you choose, amongst mayhem and your causing most of it. There are three game modes and all are pretty much the same thing. You are not really racing as you are keeping up with the crowd collecting power ups and racking up kills, it is basically Mario cart with out the race. Even though are some bugs and moments in the game you will die and you be left saying WTF but it dose not really effect the gameplay. Your end goal is to collect the highest kill streak by time the race is over, or you could set it to first to a certain amount wins. Either way its a blast!

Multilayer- Multilayer is recommended playing with all your friends is is a great way to experience P.A.M in its true form and best of all really fun. Although  public severs are pretty laggy and unless one of your friends has a good computer with great internet its pointless. But if so it is really fun and can easily play for hours. 

Graphics and Sound- The graphics are surprisingly good. I mean didn't think they would be horrible but there better than whats expected of this type of game. The developers could have easily made it cartoon like with no problem but instead they made it realistic, which is not expected of any indie developer. On the other hand the sound is nothing special the sound effects fit and the music is easily muted and replaced by your own.

Final Grade 7.5- At the low price of 9.99$ USD this P.A.M is a great buy and is really fun. With a diverse group of selectable cars and good amount of levels you can play for a while. But a lack of game types that seem like an easy addition and a few mechanics like laps that make no sense for the one game type keep Post Apocalyptic Mayhem from reviving a higher grade. But none the less it is an interesting and fun Game.
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