Music Monday Spotlight #1 (FLiP)

Welcome to the revamped Music Monday. Instead of doing audio show and playing the tunes. This time I will be playing the Music Videos and talking a little bit about the artist. To kick things off we travel to Japan to take a look at the all girl band "FLip."

Music Monday Spotlight #1 - FLip from Justin on Vimeo.

Information on FLip from
FLiP is an all-girls band from Okinawa formed in 2005 by their current members: Sachiko (voc.), Yuko (gui.), Sayaka (bas.) and Yuumi (dru.) but only in 2008 they've made their first release. In 2006 they represent Okinawa as a band for an audition in Japan, they went to Tokyo and their current manager was interested in signing them and that’s how they started. Friday, 6th October of 2005. In Okinawa Naha city-state occasion at MacDonald or sort: Sachiko, who at that time was still in 2nd high schools grade “would like to unite the girl band it is groovy in any case!!”From this strong impulse consultation is offered to classmate Yuko of junior high school age. After that Sayaka of the classmate of high school, Yuumi joins and reaches to FLiP formation.

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