The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game Review

Christopher Nolan's Batman has not seen a game adaptation since his first installment "Batman Begins" for the PS2, XBOX & Gamecube. Well at last Nolan's Batman is back in the gaming world well sort of. Batman is back in Mobile gaming form with "The Dark Knight Rises." Is this the game that we deserve?

Story - The story follows key plot points from The Dark Knight Rises film. It's been eight years after The Dark Knight and Batman is retired. It features all the key points from the movie, with a little more to give you more playing time. All the key characters are here from Selina Kyle, John Blake, Bane, Alfred, Gordon and many more. It does give away key plot points so if you have yet to see the movie play till after your seen it.

Gameplay - When I first saw the trailer for the game. I admit I thought this was just going to be a beat em up type of game. Then when I finally brought the game needless to say I was surprised. The Dark Knight Rises is a free roam, action adventure game. Free roam for mobile I thought well it should be with a download of 1.7 GB. The gameplay is done very well. Developers at Gameloft have giving us an entire Gotham City to explore. It's not as big as console version of Gotham City, but for a mobile game it gives us a good map to explore. The game plays into six chapters for the story then leaving you with a free roam part which consider several missions for Batman to complete. Missions can range from stopping thugs, saving civilians, chase sequences and more.

The combat in TDKR is very smooth. It utilizes the free flow fighting style that you see similar in Arkham City, only done the best way a mobile game can execute it. The game is held horizontally while Batman is control by a touch screen analog. You can use the screen to switch the camera views, which can be tricky and sometimes get in the way. However with a little practice you will get use to it, but driving the vehicles and aiming the camera can be a chore sometimes. It wouldn't be a Batman game without his toys and this game has a good amount. Batpod, The Bat and a couple of gadgets are all accessible. The game even features a nice upgrading system which will be a hit or miss with players. The hits is that the more Batman level ups the more equipment he is able to access. Batman will have more attacks, more effect, better armor and more. The miss is that some upgrades require you to spend real money. This is will turn off some folks but most of those upgrades aren't really needed, it's just for extra usage. The only real complaint is the game is relatively easy, it does have some of challenging parts like fighting Bane, but otherwise enemies will fall with a couple of punches.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics is really good. Gameloft went all out on this one to give us a very dark tone world of Gotham City. You even see some key Gotham locations such as Wayne Tower, Gotham Railroad and The Pit. The frame rate works well on my Samsung Galaxy 2, there have been notable problems with other phones, such as a pink line appearing during gameplay. However I didn't have any of those problems. I also enjoy the great addition of weather in this game. The rain, thunder and lighting effects is a welcome addition to Gotham. Character designs is a hit or miss. Batman and Bruce Wayne looks awesome. Selina Kyle, John Blake and Bane are all done well, some of the thugs look choppy but it doesn't hurt the game.

Sound - The voice acting is done well. Batman sounds just Bale, Gordon, Alfred, John Blake are all done well. However Bane and Miranda Tate sound nothing like the actors but it doesn't matter. The music is whatever you want it to be. If you have TDKR OST on your phone, turn off the game music and play the soundtrack to get that actual music. The game music is done very well, some from the actual movie or made to sound just like Hans Zimmer OST. 

Replay Value - The game is fun enough to play over again and again. Plus the addition to the free roam missions after the game should keep you busy while your traveling.

Final Grade B+/8.5 - The Dark Knight Rises is the game we deserved and the game that we needed. It has some issues, but overall it's one of the best mobile games I've played. It's worth the price of $7 bucks. Great gameplay, great production and most importantly fun to play.