Sad Anime Theme Songs (Part 1)

It's Music Monday and it's time to journey into the emotion of sadness. Today we explore some sad Anime songs. These songs are moving, inspirational or just down right depressing. Check out some of these sad Anime theme songs.

Last Kiss By Bonnie Pink from the Anime "Gantz." - The "Last Kiss" is a heartbreaking song, describing a final kiss, a final touch and longing for someone. It fit perfectly for "Gantz." 

Mirai no Futari ni (Piano Version) By Chihiro Yonekura from the Anime "Gundam 08th MS Team." -  A wonderful love song from "Gundam 08th MS Team", the lyrics and Chihiro Yonekura vocals just moves you.

Hikari By Jyukai from the Anime "Fate/Stay Night." - Nothing like people taking different paths, and longing for each other to make you go :(. Great production on this song.

Girls Dead Monster My Song By Miyuki Sawashiro from the Anime "Angel Beats." - A very song that really hits the emotion if you understand the lyrics, and  this woman can sing.

Kimi toTaiyou ga Shinda hi By Kurosaki Maon from the Anime "High School Of The Dead." - A very sad end of the world type of song, despair, but inspirational at the same time. My favorite song from "High School Of The Dead."