Power Searching With Google Free Classes

Do you normally have problems trying to get Google search to find what you want it to find?

Are there times when the search just cant find the right image that you need for a a project or just cant find the video that you wanted to show to your friends?

The people at Google know this and want to give everyone the ability to use their search engine better. Google is going to have special summer classes to show you have to used all the features of their search engine and a few other things for people that never tried them or never heard of them and it's called Power Searching with Google

The classes Start on the July 10th and go on to July 16th. You can register for them now up till the 16th to get in but best to do it before the first day of class. The classes are going to be free and online, community-based course showing search techniques and how to use them to solve real, everyday problems.

The classes will be 50 minutes each and will also show you features inside Google+, hangouts and Google's groups. I already signed up for it mainly because I know it will learn something and during this boring and dull summer it would be great to pick up some new skills and who knows it might be useful.