Office Politics Mobile Game Review

Justin: Here is the review of the I-Phone game "Office Politics." The review was done by Keenan (Bess) who use to be on the site. I asked him to check this game out and review it for us. Check out what Keenan had to say. 

Office Politics: Back stab a game by 'Little Drummer boy is wack a mole game with a modern day twist. Upon receiving the request to review this game I was intrigued as well as excited, because having worked in the office environment for the last 9 years, I have witnessed plenty of back stabbing in the corporate world. Did it live up to my expectations or was I the one who got back stabbed at the end? 
Solid & Fun are the 1st two adjectives that come to mind. The goal of the game is to back stab your way to the top. Back stabbing is fun and easy, all you have to do is tap on a co-workers back. If a co-worker is facing you and you tap on him, he will attack you causing you to lose life. Its simple pick and play gameplay, as the game progresses this becomes a little tricky. More and more co-workers/enemies pop up on screen as well as a boss who makes the back stabbing difficult with various special powers. This becomes pretty fun as it makes each level unique but none the less the goal remains the same....back stab as many people as you can. Often times I grew tired of the monotony. The game does offer to change things up by allowing you to change characters you play, each character has 2 unique moves to combat the bosses of each of the respective levels.

After stabbing 2 floors of the office consecutively you get a chance to battle the boss in his/her office. Side note: I would love to battle my boss in her office. This is where the game shines! Each boss is unique and the way you defeat each one is so innovative I must say. Even throwing in finishing moves with a street fighter super move like finish at the end. If you fail you go right back down the elevator back to floor one which at times was frustrating, but it made me focus more on the boss which increased the intensity of the boss fight which subsequently lead to more fun.

Audio & Visual
The game soundtrack is solid as well as the sound effects. I was a little disappointed by the fact that I couldn't use my own soundtrack while playing the game as I did with a few other iphone game.
Visuals are amazing in this game! The character designs are amazing. They're drawn great,animated great as well as being funny. Level 6 has a boss that has big breast and blonde hair who's special move lures all the co workers to attack you at once. The variety of characters will make you love this game.

Replay Value
Tons of unlockables in this game. Unfortunately 90 % of the game is locked from the start. You start out with one stage and one character unlocked. Unlocking the 1st few characters and stages no problem but after a while it becomes ridiculous. Combing challenges in game as well as obtaining achievements just to unlock one character is a bit much. Oh can I pick the muscle guy to play with?!? Oh I have to complete the game on hard with Office Bimbo(a character) & get ALL of the gold the way just to pick Office Bimbo you have to beat the game with another character and do similar task. That leads to playing the same 5-6 boards over and over. Some might love this while others might say screw it and spend their idle time elsewhere.

Fun Pick up and Play gameplay
Great character design
A nice amount of Depth
Too many locked items
Many glitches when the game is interrupted by a text message,phone call or a quick exit
Overall Grade B
Bottom Line: The fun made you over look some of the games flaws. One of my favorite I-Phone games.