Tsumitsuki (Sin Dwellers) Manga Review

Title: Tsumitsuki (Sin Dwellers)
Author: Hiro Kiyohara
Illustrator: Hiro Kiyohara
Pages: 183

Story - In the town that Takada Chinatsu moved to, there's a legend about demons called Tsumitsuki that possess the feelings of guilt a person has over their sins. Those who are possessed are slowly devoured, body and mind, as the demon manifests. As one of Takada's friends starts acting strangely, her classmate Kuroe steps in to help... but his true motives are hidden behind a mask.

"Tsumitsuki" is one enjoyable read from start to finish. It's broken down into five different chapters. Each chapter centers around a character that feels guilty of a sin they have committed. Enters the protagonist Kuroe who is truly a guy who will give you the chills. Without spoiling it, Kuroe is not your usual guy, he is a son of a priest who happens to have an awareness of demons and the spiritual realm. He is the main character of this Manga, however he is not the focal point of the story. Author Hiro Kiyohara focuses the story on the those possessed by the Tsumitsuki. The concept is scary, anyone with a high level of guilt over something they feel was wrong can be possessed. Hiro Kiyohara does a swell job of making you feel sorry for the people possessed. With each page turned, you see the character's mind and body slowly being devoured and you can't help but feel sympathy regardless of what they did. "Tsumitsuki" has a some great themes of revenge, redemption and fate, I love how "Tsumitsuki" is symbolic of how guilt that we consume in ourselves can end up destroying us. Overall the story is amazing! It's dark, gritty and intense.

Art - I love the art style of "Tsumitsuki." One of my favorite things about this art style is "Kuroe." Kuroe has these cold, haunting eyes, that you usually don't see from someone suppose to be the hero. The environments and action are all drawn out well, this is one good looking Manga.

Final Grade A-/9.0 - "Tsumistsuki" is a Manga you should check out. Great characters, chilling theme and concept, and it has heart and emotion.