The Songs Of Spider-Man

Spider-Man week continues here at Otakus and Geeks. Today is "Music Monday" so we will be looking at the many songs of Spider-Man. The songs range from themes, covers and even the Broadway play.

Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Theme - This is the most recognizable song in Spider-Man history is the theme song from the 60's cartoon show. If you call yourself a web head you  better know this song!

Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Theme (Asian Lady From Spider-Man 2) - Same theme, just way too funny to ignore this. I love Tobey's face when she tries to hit the high note.

Spider-Man TAS Theme - Another great theme that all web heads will be familar with. Spider-Man TAS theme written and performed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

Supaidaman Japanese Theme Song - Here is the theme song from the 1970's Japanese adapation of Spider-Man. It's really catchy and would make a great Anime theme.

Gifts And Curses By Yellowcard (Spiderman 2 OST) - You know a long time ago movie soundtracks had songs that were INSPIRED by the film. Usually the songs had lyrics relating to the movie, or certain character themes. Yellowcard nailed the feel of Spiderman 2 with this amazing song "Gifts And Curses" describing Peter and Mary Jane relationship.

Hero By Nickelback Featuring Josey Scott - Hero is another great song from the Spider-Man OST. If doesn't scream Spider-Man I don't know what does.

Spider-Man Fan Rap - A Spider-Man fan raps about his favorite web head. I like the beat.

Rise Above By Reeve Carney Featuring Bono - Spider-Man Broadway has some really amazing songs and a great theme. Here is one of my favorites that really screams Spider-Man.