Crash Plan 3.0 Review

Crash Plan 3.0 is a design for users to backup their data online, on a friends computer, in addition to any computers they have in the house. Is this the program you need to backup your system? One thing I like about Crash Plan is that it's very user friendly, it's simple and not to complicated to understand. Unlike other backup software out there, Crash Plan has an unlimited storage plan. When you first start Crash Plan you have the option to storage online using "Crash Plan Central" this will cost around $50 a year for one computer and it's unlimited storage. If you need to store more data for more than one computer you have the family plan which is $120 a year, which is kind of pricey. The second option is backing up to a friend's computer. This can be done by sending a simple email to them and you can connect with them of the Crash Plan Network. However you can't share files with your friends over the network, which was disappointing. 

Backing Up & Restoring Files - Crash Plan does a good job of backing up and storing your files. However there is a flaw with this software, searching for backups you have done is non existent. You'll have to go through file to file, folder to folder to find a specific data, while other softwares like SOS Online Backup offer this feature, Crash Plan does not. However that small complaint doesn't truly hurt the software. Crash Plan when you start to backup files already knows which folders to backup from the start. Folders like "My Documents" will already be on the backup list. The program will then determine how much space the backup will take, and begin once you have all the files you have ready. You can also have multiple backup's, each with their own files and data. Another great thing about Crash Plan is that it sends email notification, but it has also a social network feature as well. Users can get info and updates on their backup's confirmation on their Twitter accounts, which is very impressive. The online storage doesn't take too long depending on connection. Files with 300 mb take like 15 to 20 mins to upload online, similar to a 10 minute Youtube video. Restoring files online is disappointing, it only allows you restore files that you have used on that specific machine. For example I can't restore a friend's file from the Cpu I use, it will have to be done with the one he uses. Restoring files offline is a breeze, you can do the most recent, or check by the date. I had no real problems getting my data back.

Final Grade B-/8.0 - Overall Crash Plan is another good backup software. It's user friendly, quick to understand and simple. It does have it's flaws but maybe future installments and add-ons it will be worked out.