Anime OST's You Can't Miss (Part 2)

It's time to continue my "Anime OST's You Can't Miss." If you miss part one click on this link here /  I have more great Anime OST's that you must check out. These choices have some really emotional composition, and themes that will stay with you.

Robotech OST By Ulpio Minucci - The Robotech OST is simply phenomenal. Ulpio Minucci composed something not only epic, but emotional and still gives you a sci-fi type of feel to the music. The best works of the Robotech OST comes from the "Macross Saga." What makes Robotech OST awesome is not only is the background music great, so is the insert songs. Check out some tracks below.

 Love Theme

  Minmei's Theme

It's You

Lupin The Third OST By Various Artist - One way to describe the "Lupin The Third" soundtrack is smooth. This soundtrack has some of the best Jazz, Easy Listening composition in Anime. Don't believe me check out of my favorite tracks.

Love Theme

Lupin The 3rd Theme

Love Is Everything

Yu Yu Hakusho OST By Gako Kojimaro - Yu Yu Hakusho music really is a mix bag of goodies. It has Jazz, Classical Music and really catchy unforgettable opening theme. Yu Yu Hakusho OST takes you through a ride of emotions.

Smile Bomb

Yusuke Power Up

That's it for now, stay tune for Part 3.