The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review

Is he strong listen bud, he's got radioactive blood. Can he swing from a thread, just press the shoulder button overhead. Hey there let's review The Amazing Spider-Man! All joking and my horrible bad lyrics aside. "The Amazing Spider-Man" returns Spider-Man to his playground of New York City, in addition the web head returns to his free roam form. Is this game worth the title of amazing? Or is it time for Peter to return to the lab?

Story - Due to major spoilers this game gives out regarding the movie. I will not say too much on the story. The story takes places after the events of "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie. That is all I will say about that, because it spoils that much of the movie. Let's just say Spider-Man has to find a cure and that is all I will reveal. However I will say the story is pretty decent for the most part, and Spider-Man will have to do battle with some of the more lackluster villains in this one.

Gameplay - The Amazing Spider-Man gameplay is a little different from the other adventures we had with Spider-Man, however at the same time some things haven't change. This is a good and bad thing. First the good. Spider-Man fighting mechanics have been revamp to appeal to a more free flow fighting style. Not to compare to any other game but fans of the Batman Arkham series will feel right at home with this fighting style. Just like the Arkham series, the free flow works well, where ever you tell Spidey to punch and kick he will go to that direction. Spidey sense will highlight above his head for incoming danger, so you can easily dodge or reverse an attack. However not all enemies can be defeated the same way like previous games. Some enemies will have to be taken down with stealth attack. This usually will have Spidey hanging above the ceiling picking his targets quickly from the shadows and taking them out. Others will require to be damage by Spidey's Web Shooters or Web Rush attack. Web Rush can be used for various things. It can be used as a quick attack against enemies, slow down time to pick a place to web zip, it can indicate when to do a stealth take down and finally interact with objects.

The highlight of Web Rush is when you are swinging in Manhattan. Spidey can zip from place to place and it makes the swinging feel really epic. Speaking of swinging "The Amazing Spider-Man" has the best swinging so far. The physics in this makes you really feel like Spider-Man, you would think the developers actually had someone do the physics in the studio. The feeling is smooth, free and most importantly fun. This game is fun to play, however there is some stuff that hold the game back from pure epicness. When announced that this game was going to free foam I jump for joy, and started to question what would the side missions be. If you played "Spider-Man 2" than you already played  "The Amazing Spider-Man." The side missions are repetitive! Stop people from being assaulted, help the police with a car chase, get people to the hospital in time, take pictures for a reporter. Don't get me wrong the side missions are fun, but with a city alive like New York City, you think Spider-Man would have more to do. There are some cool ones though the side missions with Bruce Campbell are the most challenging ones.  You also have to collect 700 comic books scattered around the city. The great thing about that is these are actual comics you can read in the extra section. The only flaw with collecting the comic books is that there is no indication of where to find them, you just randomly stubble upon them. Overall the game is fun to play, minus the repetitiveness but then again all games are repetitive.

Gameplay Video

Graphics - The graphics are pretty good. Spidey looks good, New York looks okay minus some few landmark inaccuracy's, however that is just nitpicking from a native New Yorker. There are sometimes where character designs and locations look bland, and I did have a little trouble with a certain camera angle like a building loading as you were swinging, but that only happen once. Otherwise the graphics are good and the city looks okay.

Sound - The voice acting is solid for the most part. Spidey is witty, and he will make you laugh, but there will be times you'll wish he will shut up. Not because he is talking, but because he is repeating himself. If I have to hear him say stay frosty one more time! The music is not better than his previous installment "Edge Of Time."
The music doesn't gives us that same epic feel and you really don't feel really encourage to save the day, there are some nice tracks but nothing really stands out.

Replay Value - If you have the Stan Lee DLC that is replay value right there, tons of comics to collect and side missions to handle. Spider-Man does offer some replay value but it might not be enough for some gamers. There is comics to read and extras and character concept art to check out as well.

Final Grade C+/7.5 - The Amazing Spider-Man isn't bad game. It just doesn't give you a full course meal. The game is fun to play, but can feel repetitive at times, the voice acting is solid but repeated dialogue can get annoying, overall it is still worth checking out for any web head.