Reasons Why Toonami's Return Is Good For Anime

In case you don't know, or have been sleeping for a while. Toonami the great showcase of great Anime shows as Dragonball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing and many others is heading back to Cartoon Network. This time Toonami will be on the "Adult Swim" block, this is actually really good news for us Anime fans. Let me explain a little bit, why Toonami return is great for Anime. Toonami Airs May 26th 12:00 AM on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network!

Anime Exposure On Basic Cable: Let's face it, not everyone has Netflix or the Anime Channel, and Anime on basic cable is seen little to none. With Toonami's return that means fans will get a chance to see some Anime that they haven't seen, with two shows "Casshern Sins" and "Deadman Wonderland" joining the roster it will be a fresh start. However the only bad thing about this, is the schedule timing. Toonami might come on too late for some viewers, not everyone is going to stay up 12 to 3 AM to catch Anime. Thankfully with Toonami back it could mean more Anime will be seen, hopefully not just on Cartoon Network.

The Higher The Ratings, The More Anime We Will Get: If you know anything about television, then you know at least this, ratings keeps a show alive. No ratings the show will be cancelled for sure. It's going to be up to us to make sure Toonami stay alive. The more ratings, most likely a prime time slot will be given to Toonami which means more Anime shows. More Anime shows, means more revenue all around, let's be honest Anime in America is taking a slight drop, and Toonami could be that battery charge that it needs.

Reminds People Why Anime Stands Out: The reason what made Toonami so special was the Anime. It was something many people didn't see, especially on Cartoon Network. It brought people who never saw Anime into a world that is like no other. It turned people who never watch Anime ever into Anime fans. It showed people that Anime is awesome, and should be watched. With Toonami return maybe it will remind people what makes Anime so great.