Is The Fall Of G4TV Near?

If you grew up in the 90's or was a gamer in the early 2000's, there was one channel that you tuned into watch, that channel was G4TV. Now I won't get into how great G4TV was, mainly because I wrote an article of the great days of G4TV / However there have been past events and mainly recent events that have us questioning is this the end of G4TV? Not the great website, but the channel.

G4 gets pulled from Direct TV - I think this was a big hit for the once great channel. Getting pulled from Direct TV cuts a big percentage of their viewership, not everyone has Cable. Not being able to be seen through satellite TV is a big lost for any channel, and if your viewers can't see you how can your ratings stay up. With lost ratings, comes the lost of shows.

G4 Cancels Shows Catering To Their Audience - When your channel is brought or the corporate bosses decide to just say, screw whatever made your channel great and begins putting crap like "Cops" and "Cheaters" instead of shows like "Cheat", "Code Monkeys" and many more. It  would be inevitable that viewers will start to tune out if all you have to offer us is "X-Play" and "Attack Of The Show." Imagine coming to Otakus and Geeks and we're not talking about Anime, Videogames, Comics, Films, etc. Instead we're talking about politics , our views on religion etc. You wouldn't come here anymore mainly because it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the site.

Olivia Munn Leaves Attack Of The Show - Geeks say what you want about Olivia Munn, some say she sold out, some say she was a poser using geek culture to get her name out there, regardless of what you think of Munn, there is no doubt she was awesome on "Attack Of The Show." Munn brought charm, charisma and she had wonderful chemistry with her co host Kevin Pereira. When Munn left to progress her career she took some of her audience with her, watching "Attack Of The Show" wasn't the same. The show was still entertaining but it was like playing Zelda without the Master Sword, something was missing. 

Adam Sessler & Kevin Pereira Leaves G4TV - When your top guys call it quits, we have to question what's going on and why? Recently Adam Sessler and Kevin Periera said goodbye to G4 (Kevin at the end of May) and now questions are being raised. Why would they leave? What is going over there at G4 to make these veterans say I'm out? The influence of Sessler behind and in the front lines is a big lost and with the main host of "Attack Of The Show" leaving what will the show be like? Will fans embrace a new host? What is the future of X-Play? What is the future of G4 with so many key players gone? Is this the fall of G4TV? What do you think? Sound off in the comment section.