Batman: Arkham City "Harley Quinn's Revenge" Review

One of the best Batman games till this date, is back with a brand new story driven DLC entitled "Harley Quinn's Revenge." Is this the DLC we deserved? Or is this the DLC we don't need right now? Warning this review contains SPOILERS! Do not read if you haven't finish the main story of "Arkham City."

The story takes a place a few weeks after Arkham City. The Joker is dead, and Batman is not really taking it too well. He goes back to Arkham City after Harley and her goons take some GPD hostage. After Batman doesn't return, Oracle gets worried and sends Robin to investigate. The story is good, but leaves a lot of questions. Does Batman feel regret for the death of The Joker? Is The Joker really dead? What about Harley's child? Unfortunately the closure many were looking for will not happen. You'll have to wait for the next game to get the answers. Truthfully the gameplay is the same, nothing has change. If you played Arkham City, then you will feel right at home. You play as Batman and Robin, mainly Robin throughout the story. Robin does have some different equipment from Batman, he is able to shield himself from bullets, carries a staff for an arsenal. The free flow combat is still as smooth as ever, and a couple of puzzles in this DLC, but nothing really hard. There is some Easter eggs, which I won't spoil and conversations with the crooks that really make you say hmmm. Overall the gameplay is the same, and the final boss is a nice surprise. Expect to spend 1 to 2 hours on the DLC. It's a nice epilogue to Arkham City, that raises some questions. At the price tag of 10 bucks I would say wait till it goes on sell, it's quick, fun but really doesn't offer too much. It's still a good DLC and it's cool to finally play as Robin in a story mode, but other than that it's a one trip deal.

Final Grade B+/8.5