Awesomenauts Free Theme Song Download

Hey people Jeff here and letting you know that right now you can get the extended cut of the Awesomenauts theme song off their official site right now for free. Well kinda free. See in order to get it, you just have to either make a post on your twitter or facebook page telling people about the free download. So no cash must be spent but still a great little theme song to listen to.

In case you don't know whats Awesomenauts, its a side scrolling Defense Of The Ancients style game (DotA) with a space cowboy setting. The game is PvP arena game play where your goal is to use n.p.c. bots that will make a bee line to the other plays goal and they take out its defenses then you would go in and finish of the other players base but you will have to watch out because the other players will be doing the very same thing.

Here is some basic game play that should give you an idea of what it is and how it looks like
its out right now on PSN and Xbox Live.