Sport Nation's Madden 2013 Cover Unveil

Hey Otakus and Geeks Fans, Sean ( The Comic Guy ) here to share some of the photos from the Madden 2013 cover unveil. Now this years two finalist for the cover were: Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton.

Detroit Lions star Calvin Johnson beat Carolina Panthers Cam Newton in the final online voting.
The cover was revealed on the "SportsNation" show on ESPN2 this evening. Of the 651,763 total votes in the final round, Johnson got 52%. Let's see if Calvin can break the Madden cover curse.

Here are some of the photos taken when we attended the event. Behind the scenes photos.

Some of the fans and the set for the show.

Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle



Behind the scenes With Calvin Johnson and Cam Newton.

Show start                                                                                                  Calvin and Cam in a face off.


Who was the better QB Cam or Stafford?                            Who had the better year Calvin or Cam?


And the winner is.......... Calvin Johnson!!!!   Congrats on the cover and good luck next year!


Calvin Johnson and the Director of EA                                                Calvin holding the cover trophy.

 Johnson gives Detroit three current video game cover boys: Justin Verlander is on "MLB 2K12," and Barry Sanders shares the "NCAA Football 13" cover with Robert Griffin III.

 The event was great and a special Thanx to 1iota for the tickets.