Fairy Tail Review

It is now time for a review of the ever so popular anime Fairy Tail!!!!!!

Fairy Tail is a story about a guild named the Fairy Tail Guild and the members that is in it. They all reside in the Kingdom of Fiore. There are other guilds that are around that have a play with Fairy Tail but no spoilers. Here is a character overture of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Natsu and Happy the Cat

Natsu is a fire wizard and one of the best wizards in Fairy Tale. Although he is different from other fire wizards: He has the ability of breathing, eating and wielding fire like a dragon! He is accompanied by his flying blue cat Happy who is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. He is Natsu's right hand man and best friend. He has the power to fly and loves to say "Aye" once in a while.


Lucy is a spunky teen who got her wish of becoming part of Fairy Tail. She is a Celestial Wizard. She uses keys that summon "Celestial Beings" that seem to attribute to horoscope signs. She tries to keep Natsu in line and is a very sweet girl.


Grey is one of the strongest wizards with Natsu and Ezra. Grey is an Ice Wizard and because Natsu is a Fire Wizard, they get into altercations from time to time. Fire and ice don't mix after all. He has the habit of taking off his clothes..... I still don't know why but hey, I'm not complaining. He has a silly side especially when Natsu and him fight in front of Erza. They become buddies instantly since they know how Erza is.


Erza is a very serious young lady. She completes the strongest Fairy Tail team and is the roughest girl wizard around. She uses equip magic called "The Knight". She can transform into different types of armor that can perform different abilities including the weapons. Mess with Erza you'll get the bull and the horns.

So what do I think about this series? I love it. I immediately gravitate towards these types of animes. This is one people should have in their library's. It is fun, lighthearted, action-packed, serious and awesome! The voice acting is top-notched.Of course Funimation provided us with the voices of Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Colleen Clickenbeard, Newton Pittman and many more. They all are doing an awesome job.  I give this anime an A. Please go and support and buy everything Fairy Tail!!  Fairy Tail Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!  ^-^