If there is one thing any fan of characterization love is an in depth look at their favorite characters. I just finish reading the second character book for the Manga "Bleach." The book is entitled "Bleach Masked: Official Character Book 2." The book takes an in depth look at the "Bleach" characters from the Manga volumes of 21 - 37. After reading this book you get a better understanding on the characters, why their appearances are that way, what blood type, height, even little cliff notes giving you a specific meaning of why things are a certain way. The book is pretty lengthy it's 272 pages long. The book also includes an in depth interview with Tite Kubo talks his favorite character, story arcs and more. 

Overall the book is well done. It gives a great insight on the world of  "Bleach." This is a really great book for fans of "Bleach" and people looking to get more deeper into the "Bleach" universe. It's worth the buy and geeking out over! Go pick it up!