Indie Free Game Review: Stealth Bastard

Hey people Jeff here and am hitting you up on this sweet free game from Curve studios called Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole.

The game is a mix between Super Meat Boy and Metal Gear Solid but you can't attack or have weapons. You are sneaking in or out (I am not sure) of a place with the whole point of you trying not to be killed. I would say not to be seen but I will get into that.

Gameplay - Well the shadows are your best and only friend and your enemies are light and robots. I say light because the puzzles that are in the game really are all about you staying in the shadows as much as possible, however as the stage changes so do the shadows. Now the robots come in 3 forms which you will see and learn to hate all at once. Mainly because you're done from one hit and they never miss when your in range also some of them have head lights that make it even harder to stay in the safety of the shadows. This is also a very hard game much like "Super Meat Boy" you will have to be smart and plan ahead the art style helps with this a lot, giving you plenty of indicators to what you can grab on and hang off to the range of the sight of the enemies. There is also a level creator that is pretty easy to use and then upload to a server from there it can be downloaded by other players and then people can rank them and favorite them.

Art style is amazing, the way the shadows blends with everything and being clearly able to get see when your  inside the shadow and more importantly when light changes where the shadows are. It is also very detailed in your character, stages and enemies.

Overall I say Curved created a great game, a little on the short side but still very good fun to be had also there are the player created levels that will take up a lot of your time, so in the end I say download it the only downside is that its only on Windows so all your windows owners go to the site and check it out.

Final Grade B+/8.5

Links: Stealth Bastard